Scion Pure Price


Many moons ago Toyota embarked on an adventure to find out what people did and did not like about the car buying experience. One thing really stood out to them. People don’t like haggling and they don’t like pressure.

Toyota listened to what the customers had to say, and Ta-Da! Scion was born!


Scion Pure Price, according to, means that the price you see is the price you pay! There is no haggling, and there is no pressure. If you see an ad advertising a price for a Scion, you know that is the price the vehicle is selling for.

That means buying a car just got a whole lot easier. Now the car buying experience is more like buying anything else you normally buy.

“It’s the Scion way”

Scion also has programs for active military and college graduates. How does that affect the Scion Pure Price? For that we went to our resident Scion Specialist Quinten at Scion of Escondido for the answers. According to Quinten, “There is a college and a military rebate, both are $1000. It’s not a discount, it would be as if you put $1000 down.”

Cool. So If you were to look online for a new Scion and found the xB of your dreams listed as 17,664.00 and you recently graduated from college, you would automatically have a down payment of $1000 plus whatever else you brought to put down. That seems like a pretty good deal.

So what is the catch? There isn’t one. It’s is the Scion way. “No Haggle. No Hassle.”

Have questions about Scion Pure Price? Feel free to ask away!


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