Who’s the Newest Member to the Toyota Family? Prius C!

The Toyota Prius C is set to start arriving in showrooms around the country in early March and be on sale March 12th!

The only thing more amazing than the fact that the Toyota Prius C gets 53 miles per gallon, which is the highest mpg rating without a plug in, is that it starts at under $20k! That is not a typo. Prius technology, 53 miles per gallon, starting under $20k!

Toyota Prius C also comes with Entune, which allows you to link your car to your world with apps such as Pandora and IHeartRadio.

“Prius technology, 53 miles per gallon, starting under $20k!”

This awesome extension of the Prius family also comes loaded with 9 airbags because, “There’s no such thing as too safe.”

Another nifty feature of the new hybrid is that it has steering wheel mounted controls for audio, climate and telephone so that your hands stay on the wheel!


You can reserve your Toyota Prius C today with a $500 deposit simply by calling 760-746-0601 and asking to speak with Thomas Parr!

Be one of the first people to get 53 miles per gallon without a plug in! With gas hitting $4 per gallon Toyota Prius C seems like a gift from above!

If you have any other questions regarding Toyota Prius C please feel free to leave a comment!


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