How was your Toyota of Escondido Experience?

YES! Another satisfied customer, Eric,  e-mailed our Sales Manager Damian Campos to let him know about the outstanding experience he had at Toyota of Escondido! Eric says he is spreading the word about his experience, so we thought we would help him out by sharing his experience with you!

Sales Manager Damian Campos

“Hi Damian,

I just wanted to tell you how thankful I am.  You were so very considerate and helpful.  The whole experience was just remarkable.  You guys really have good hearts and that’s not too common these days.  You really need to be commended on every aspect of how you handled my circumstances.  You responded immediately to my email.  When I arrived, you gave me personal attention as well as follow through during the entire exchange.  You were so understanding and I can’t tell you how appreciative I am.

I also had a great experience with Thomas and Keith.  Both these guys had to jump through a bunch of hoops and could have been justified to have a minor attitude about it… but they were both incredibly cheerful, helpful and encouraging.  Those two guys are really good men and you need to hang onto them… Of course I can tell you know that, but it’s good for you to hear.

I’m extremely happy and thankful.  You have a customer for life and I’ve already been sharing my experience with others (and will continue to do so).

Thanks again!”

No, thank you for your kind words Eric! Welcome to the Toyota of Escondido family!

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If you have purchased a vehicle through us, had your vehicle serviced or bought parts please feel free to tell us about your Toyota of Escondido Experience! We love hearing customer testimonials!


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