Not Your Everyday Corolla

At Toyota of Escondido we strive to keep modified brand new Toyota’s in stock because we understand that you want a new car that is as individual as you are! That is why this brand new 2012 Toyota Corolla S (for sport) that we have for sale is unique. Are you the perfect driver to match this Corolla’s personality?

This 2012 Toyota Corolla S has been equipped with:

  • 18″ Black Tenzo Wheels
  • Falken Tires
  • Tinted Windows
  • TRD Lowering Springs
  • Smooth black Graphics across the Hood, Roof, and Spoiler.

Also includes TRD and Toyota of Escondido Action Sports graphics.

Does this Corolla fit your style? If so than call 760-746-0601 and ask to speak with a sales associate. Or check out this Toyota Corolla S here at Toyota of Escondido! If this isn’t the perfect auto for you than check out some of our other customized vehicles:

Customized Toyota’s are just one reason why Toyota of Escondido is the best Toyota Dealership in San Diego! From the beaches of Carlsbad, to the inlands of Poway, and north to Temecula, Toyota of Escondido is your premier Toyota Dealer!

Have any other questions? Feel free to ask below! We want to know: What accessories would you like to see on a Toyota before you buy one? At Toyota of Escondido we sell Toyota’s that are as individual as you are!


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