Why do I Need GAP Coverage?

Lets start with the basics. What does GAP stand for? GAP stands for Guaranteed Auto Protection. Simple enough right? So then you ask yourself; if I have car insurance than isn’t my car already protected? Ah! You are correct, but what happens when insurance isn’t enough?

Lets say that your vehicle is totaled or stolen and is seen as a complete loss. Your insurance company at that time values your vehicle at $20,000 and pays you that amount, however you still $23,000 on the vehicle! That means you are still responsible for $3,000 that you have to pay for, and you still don’t have the car! That $3,000 is the “gap” that you are protected against if you have GAP coverage on your vehicle.

This video will walk you through the basics of GAP insurance:

So get Scion GAP and stay protected!

Please Visit Scion of Escondido for more details!


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