5 Myths and Facts About Body Shops

Have you recently had a ding, scratch, or scuff on your vehicle? Or maybe even worse body damage? Did you have it repaired? And if so did your insurance cover it?

When it comes to investing in your vehicle, especially during hard economic times, people often prefer to have maintenance performed on their vehicle and forgo having body work completed. Often times people will find any excuse to not get that scuff buffed out or that bumper replaced.

Once you have been in an accident all of these questions start to creep into your mind, such as:

  • Is my insurance premium going to go up?
  • Will my insurance cover the damage?
  • Do I have the money to pay my deductible?
  • How do I choose the right repair shop?
  • Aren’t all collision centers the same?

Of course everyone has a unique situation, but there are certain decisions that you need to be involved in to ensure that your vehicle is properly taken care of at a quality that you expect and deserve.

Repair performed at Toyota of Escondido Collision Center

Myth #1: It doesn’t matter where my damaged vehicle gets repaired, as long as it is fixed as fast as possible.

Fact: There is a difference between being fixed, and being fixed right the first time. While many body shops use similar methods to repair vehicle body damage, Toyota Certified Collision Centers are the only body shops that require third party customer service monitoring, Toyota-trained managers, and state of the art equipment.

Myth #2 All repair guys have the same training.

Fact: All collision repair technicians are not created equal. Most body shops have technicians who have learned from hands on experience. Toyota Certified Collision Centers have Toyota Certified technicians. These technicians have to complete hours of hands on training, as well as rigorous certification exams from both Toyota and ASE. By being Toyota and ASE certified, we ensure that you get the best possible work performed on your beloved vehicle.

Myth #3 It doesn’t matter what kind of parts are used, as long as it looks good.

Fact: While other manufacturers may make parts that look the same, you don’t really know what you are getting when it comes to the quality of the parts. Toyota Genuine Parts are designed to meet specifically defined quality, safety and appearance standards that the after market retailers don’t match.

Myth #4 Any body shop can match the same color of paint that the factory used.

Fact: Although most body shops can match, or have the rights to the factory specific color of your vehicle, other factors can determine the exact color that is right for your car. Color, shade, and vibrancy can be affected by the substrate used, application method, metalic or mica elements, or the curve of the surface. Toyota Certified Collision Centers use PPG to match the exact color of your specific vehicle so that there is no variation in color between new and original body parts.

Myth #5 It is more expensive to have the work done at a Toyota Certified Collision Center than it is to have it done at any other body shop.

Fact: The truth is body shops have a lot of competition. Toyota Certified Collision Centers have to not only offer the best technicians and the best products, but must also compete with the pricing of other body shops. In fact, you can even find Toyota Certified Collision Centers competing for the best price on sites like bodyshopbids.com. The price difference is minimal, but the gap in quality is substantial.

And if you have any other doubts about where you should go to have your vehicle repaired, remember, an estimate is always FREE! So call Treavor Smith at 760-796-3906 or visit Toyota of Escondido for a FREE quote for your vehicle’s body work! We know that your car is important to you, and deserves the best service for the best price!


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