Toyota of Escondido: Superior Service Part 1

Toyota of Escondido Service Center

Toyota of Escondido Service Center

Where do I go?

Sometimes picking the right shop to trust with your vehicle can be a stressful decision. What factors do you take into consideration when you choose which mechanic or dealership will perform maintenance and repairs on your car? After all, you paid your hard earned money for you car and you need it to be as dependable and well kept as possible. It gets your family to work, school, and extra curricular activities, so you can’t afford to be stranded.

  • Do you take it to popular name, such as a name brand tire shop or brake specialist?
  • Do you get to know your mechanic or service advisor and build a rapport and trust with them?
  • Do you shop by price?
  • Are ASE certified technicians a plus, or does that not matter to you?
  • How heavily do you weigh the term “factory trained?”

Easy to Schedule

At Toyota of Escondido it easy to schedule an appointment. Simply call 760-746-0601 and ask to speak with our Service Department, or go to our website and schedule your maintenance appointment online!


A big part of great customer service is ensuring that you, the loyal customer, feel like you are being taken care of. When you pull up to the Service Drive at the Toyota of Escondido Service Center you are immediately approached by our friendly Greeters. They will get your information and make sure that you and your car are properly  cared for.

Service with a Smile

Next our Service Advisors will ensure that your paperwork is correct and that all of your concerns and scheduled maintenance are taken care of. Your Service Advisor is responsible for ensuring that your car is being properly cared for, and will be the person to notify you if other maintenance or repair is needed on your vehicle.


Once you have signed your paperwork and your vehicle is ready to head back to the shop to be worked on by a Toyota Factory Trained Technician, you will be directed into our Service Lounge where our Concierge Artie will be taking care of you. If you would like to be dropped off at home or somewhere else while your vehicle is in the shop, we have a complimentary shuttle service available. Just tell Artie where you would like to be dropped off and picked up from, and he will arrange a shuttle for you free of charge.

If you are going to be waiting in our Customer Lounge than you will be comforted by pastries, coffee, television, and free wi-fi .

Wrap Up

Now that you have been  pleasantly greeted, written up, and met our friendly concierge, it’s time for your vehicle to get the same royal treatment. Stay Tuned for Part 2 of “Toyota of Escondido: Superior Service”


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