How to Protect Your New Car

Lost Keys

Have you ever lost the keys to your car?

    Do you know that amazing feeling you get after purchasing a new car? If so, then you also know that horrifying feeling that takes over when you spot the first little dent! There are many other driving hazards that can negatively effect the value of your new car and cost you a fortune to fix! What you need is a way to protect yourself from the unexpected.
  • Losing the key to a new car can cost up $500 depending on what kind of key it is.
  • If you are driving along on the freeway and a rock flies up and shatters your windshield that could cost over $1000 to have a factory windshield replaced.
  • If you have a flat tired or damaged wheel you could end up paying $500 to replace them both.
  • Dings and dents can be costly repairs on a new vehicle, and can cost you more money over time if you have them removed by your insurance company.
  • The worst thing that can happen is that your new car leaves you stranded somewhere!

Well we have a program to protect your investment! Toyota of Escondido’s Express 5 Package includes complimentary key replacement, windshield replacement, tire and wheel repair or replacement,  paint-less dent removal and 5 years of roadside assistance! It’s our way of giving you peace of mind and its a way for you to protect your investment and help retain the value of your vehicle for years to come!

Express 5 Program

Express 5 Program


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