Scion 10 Series

Why is Scion releasing the 10 Series vehicles?

In commemoration of ten years in the automotive industry Scion has announced the 2014 Scion 10 Series. Each current Scion model, which include FR-S, tC, xB, iQ and xD,  will have a version of the Scion 10 Series. Scion V.P. Doug Murtha says that Scion plans to build 10,000 10 Series vehicles.

What is included in the 10 Series Scion package?

  • All Scion 10 Series car will be painted exclusively in Scion’s new color, Silver Ignition
  • The seat belts will also be silver to match the paint
  • In addition to the exclusive color, the 10 Series Scion’s will have an LED light up Scion badge on the front and rear which will illuminate when the vehicle is unlocked
  • Another cool feature unique to the 10 Series is that there will be a solar powered shift knob that will illuminate while you drive
  • They will also have the 10 Series logo on the dash and on the floor mats
  • Since the 10 Series are a limited edition series, they will come with individually numbered badges as well
  • The 10 series xD, xB and iQ will also come with graphite finished alloy wheels

When will the Scion 10 Series vehicles be available?

According to Mr. Murtha the Scion 10 Series will be hitting Scion showrooms this June!

Interested in reserving a Scion 10 Series vehicle? Visit Scion of Escondido for more details!


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