Crawford FR-S only from Scion Escondido

Crawford FR-S

Crawford FR-S

Quirt Crawford, the genius behind the original Ken Block WRX used in Gymkhana 1 and renowned tuner for boxer engines teamed up with Scion of Escondido to create an exciting new take on an amazing sports car.

Quick Background on the Scion FR-S

The Scion FR-S, for those who don’t know is collaboration between Subaru and Toyota. The car is built around the flat 4-cylinder horizontally-opposed boxer engine that Subaru has used on it’s sports cars for awhile. Toyota engineers tuned the engine using their D4S direct injection system. The result is the Scion FR-S (or Subaru BRZ).

Here is what is added to the Scion FR-S from our friends at Crawford Performance

Crawford FR-S

Crawford FR-S

For more information, pictures and videos about the Crawford FR-S click the link below:

Crawford FR-S only from Scion Escondido


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