Happily Ever After

CynthiaThis story was shared with us by our customer Cynthia (with her permission of course) on Yelp and is in her own words.

This is a story of love, surprise and happy customers. If you have a moment please read this touching story told by a beautiful bride about her surprise present for her groom-to-be.
“I came to Toyota Escondido back in Nov 2012 to buy my husband’s wedding gift. At the time he had a tiny Ranger and had been looking at Tundra’s for a long time but would probably never actually go and buy one ($$).

Telling a white lie as to why i had to borrow my then fiancés truck that evening, I drove it to Toyota of Escondido to see what their inventory looked like and what they would give for trade in on his Ranger. I’ve negotiated and purchased all my vehicles by myself, so i knew how the whole car buying circus routine goes.

I was prepared for anything, but luckily I got an awesome sales rep Hector Aguirre. He was polite and treated me with respect. I let him know of my unique situation, what i was looking for and what my magic number was. They didn’t have the exact truck I was looking for on their lot, so they had the truck driven in from Poway. Since I couldn’t actually complete the sale without my fiancé (the title of the ranger was in his name) I told them I would call my fiancé to meet me at Toyota once we negotiated the price and had the financing paperwork filled out.

There was little back and forth about the price and the trade in amount, but I was firm on the price i wanted to pay and we finally agreed on the price which was $50 over of my magic number.. which I was VERY happy about and was an awesome price for the truck I selected! What a great experience it was to see my fiancés confused yet excited face as he walked into the dealership. He was sooo shocked and stoked to be getting a brand new truck he had been wanting forever as a GIFT!

The rest of the transaction went smooth and I had the best experience ever with the finance rep Mir Sadat. Mir was super personable and took his time with all the warranty options available. I got a great service package to go along with the vehicle and walked away with putting no money down and 1.9% financing (not leased). What a great experience overall.

If you are ready to buy a Toyota, come here and talk to my guys, they are the best!!!”


We thank Cynthia for sharing her story with us and we hope that her and her new husband have a storybook ending. They will always be a part of our family, as they now start a family of their own!


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